Build your own
Shitty City

Shitty Cities is the first and shittiest isometric city builder NFT collection on the Algorand blockchain.

How does it work?

Shitty Cities are customizable ARC19 NFTs that allow you to build the city of your dreams!

Step 1

Buy a Shitty City

Each Shitty City is a customizable ARC19 Algorand NFT. There are 500 total cities.

Step 2

Buy Shitty City Blocks

These are the building blocks of the city. Each Shitty City is constructed with up to 9 Shitty City Blocks.

Step 3

Customize your Shitty City

Using the City Builder, the Shitty City Blocks you've collected can be added to your Shitty City NFT!

Customize your citywith Shitty City Blocks

Collect Shitty City Blocks to add to your Shitty Cities. Each Shitty City is constructed of up to 9 Shitty City Blocks. Using ARC19, your Shitty City is completely customizable.

screenshot of the City Builder